• Why are we so downneck fashion, but not to wear?
    • Summary:

      Winter formal, fashionable and temperature both downneck become hot single product, it is time for vindication, don't use no neck, face to the definition of high collar, cover the meat, strong field, warm, all-match...... is its true words, you know, not a turtleneck winter is not complete the.
      Wear turtleneck sweater no neck and face? That's because you're not wearing it.

    • We don't want to receive these gifts at the end of the year.
    • Summary:

      At the end of the year, are you excited? There are parties, discounts, gifts...... In short this is a buy buy buy season. But today Vogue want to talk to you in those years we received the "Zaoxin gift", but not your love, keep the floor throwing a pity. Gift is the art, we have to know what gift annoying, this gift black list for your reference Oh, finally do not forget to share your gifts with us kazakhstan!

    • The more you wear the winter, do you want to be tall and thin?
    • Summary:

      Winter is a magical season, because women can use clothes to camouflage the shape they want. More and more cold in winter, you can dress like a bloated bear, can also use the "layered" manufacturing long legs and small waist. Vogue can wear thin said "in order to highlight the good figure does not teach you, here are 6 Fashion bloggers 100 test tire" winter thin tips ", are stylish and practical, is warm enough!


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